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Get To Know Ronald Pierce-

Ron is a native of Ohio, and grew up dirt poor on the near West Side of Cleveland. He graduated from West Tech High School and joined the Army. He served in the Army as a helicopter mechanic/aerial observer and spent three years in Germany where he was also able to see other parts of Europe.

After his discharge from active service he spent 6 years active reserve while he became certified as an airframe and power plant mechanic. He worked for Petroleum Helicopters in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as some time in Saudi Arabia, where he met his wife, a native of the Philippines. They moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where he was the mechanic for Carolina Healthcare’s helicopters, (then Charlotte Memorial). He then worked with U.S, Airways as a Jumbo Jet technician. His wife Eloney has been a nurse at “CarolinasMedical Center” for over 28 years.  They are proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Karen and Kristina.

He has worked with his own business since 1990, while being laid off three different times with US Airways through the 1990’s. “Corporate America was never in his trust zone” and till this date he doesn’t trust them. He began his business as a jack-of-all-trades and then formally developed the business after he passed the North Carolina General Contractors Examination in 1999. And then South Carolina in 2001

He finally fully separated from U. S. Airways in 2001. He had never seen an organization, which puts you through an extremely thorough screening and preparation procedure, and after that regard their own employees as their adversary.

What began his real education about the insurance/protection business in general was HURRICANE KATRINA. In 2005 he worked through Louisiana and in to Beaumont, Texas, doing tidy-up work after the hurricane. What he saw and experienced there was simply unimaginable. Here he witnessed individuals and families with their lives in depression and turmoil, with rooftops torn off, trees lying across whole houses and these poor people searching for a spot to stay and can’t find one. And after all that they have gone through, seeing their insurance agencies doing everything conceivable to evade paying for what they were lawfully in charge of paying, like calling house damage flood damage instead of Hurricane damage. This to him was a reminder.

He returned to Charlotte and began a new construction company called Clear Choice Construction LLC. This is when he began realizing what was, and what was not, in the protection of both consumers and contractors, and how it was connected to the North Carolina Building Codes.

Over the next few years, he heard pretty much every untruth that there was, related to why insurance adjusting agents would not do their supposedly trusted actions effectively. After writing over 20 complaints to then Commissioner of Insurance Wayne Goodwin and to the Attorney General’s Office demanding an investigation into the lawlessness of the insurance companies doing business in North Carolina.

Ron still lives in Charlotte and in 2015 finished his book called “Pissed Off” that completely chronicles his battle with the Insurance Companies and their paid professional killers the North Carolina Department of Insurance, as well as other life lessons.


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